Begin and Build a Career in Human Resources

Providing learners the knowledge and competencies needed to be successful in a positive job market

Training in the Fundamental Skills and Best Practices of HR

Certificates focused on the foundations of HR and the interpersonal skills needed to be a successful HR professional

Commit to a Positive Culture

Improve core HR business functions and cultivate a positive and communicative culture


HR Skills™ provides learners the core skills and knowledge to enable them to do their job, and the training and development to help them do it exceptionally well.

Encouraging Participation in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are a great way to keep remote teams connected, but they can also make participation a challenge. Tanisha Battle, HR Manager and HR Skills™ subject matter expert, explains how you can encourage all employees to take part.

HR Skills™ Fundamentals and HR Skills™ Best Practices Certificates

The HR Skills certificates offer students the opportunity to learn the basic skills of the HR profession, and the interpersonal skills needed to be a successful HR professional, manager, or supervisor.  


Featured Courses:

HR Skills™ Handling Difficult Conversations

Every manager or HR leader will likely be faced with having tough conversations during their career. While these discussions may not be easy to have, The HR Skills™ Handling Difficult Conversations course will help you plan and prepare to make them less challenging. 

HR Skills™ Leadership and HR

HR managers and managers that supervise people need to have strong leadership skills to navigate many different aspects of the business. The HR Skills™ Leadership in HR course will help you understand which leadership skills are important, and help you begin to develop them.

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